I'm Anastacia Sampson

Holistic theraputic counsellor and Nutritionist

My counselling incorporates traditional psychology, wellness and mindfulness and where appropriate, includes Vedic, Western Astrology and other therapeutic practices. A holistic approach integrates this knowledge and distinctive techniques within a therapeutic counselling relationship.


Helping you find & forge your own healthy path.

Uncertain about a situation?

Are you feeling unsure, sad, stressed, a sense of helplessness? Discussing problems often promotes solutions and insight. Counselling in a safe environment is effective. Where appropriate, this can be combined with astrology and other healing modalities. In-person consultations, online telephone or video call via WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom or Skype.

Do you need coaching and support?

Have you experienced stress, relationship issues, trauma, grief or a particular life challenge? Take the free Life Change Index Score on this website. During counselling you are listened to and supported in integrating your experiences. You become empowered by processing experiences in a supportive and safe space

Do you need some writing?

With a love for reading and writing, Anastacia has written for various publications. Health writing is a focus, with the purpose of enabling the public to be more informed. Knowledge is power, because with knowledge we can make better decisions. Wisdom comes from learning and experience 

Do you need past and future analysis relationships?

Astrology is a superb tool to assist us in understanding with who and why we may be compatible with certain people and not others. Whether for intimacy, work or friendships, healthy relationships are critical for validation and happiness. Healthy relationships support your health. Clear and concise communication being key for strong, supportive relationships.

A uniquely designed report is written up (not with computer software) and an online telephone or video call additionally, via WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype.

Do you need advice on your health?

You can get a dietary and supplement plan designed according to your unique needs, your lifestyle and access to resources. Why do you need more zinc or iron than your friend? What supplement should you take if you are on cholesterol medication? Why do you get a rash when you are stressed? There is never a stupid question!

A uniquely designed report is written up (not with computer software) and an online telephone or video call additionally, via WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype.

Who Anastacia works with

Individuals and businesses

Medical Professionals


Counselling Professionals


Anastacia Sampson has studied astrology since her mid-teens. After obtaining her qualification in Nutritional Medicine, via the UK, she began writing health columns for newspapers. For over a decade Anastacia wrote health columns in newspapers and for online resources. During her 20s, Anastacia studied Vedic Astrology through Richard Fidler and began incorporating more of an Eastern understanding into her consultancy work. As health has been a huge passion, Anastacia is active in the health field and works out dietary and supplementary plans for clients. The focus is wholistic with a sincere approach to make health as cost effective and simple as possible. Nature offers us many delights and spending time in Nature is a huge restorer of health! Nature does not charge us for this service! The key is finding your balance!

With several years in the pharmacy industry, Anastacia completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling Psychology (with distinction) in order to provide enhanced skills and tools to her clients.

Astrological counselling sessions involve detailed health and emotional insight based on your unique birth chart. Apart from working and consulting, Anastacia is studying psychology further. 

Find your balance.

Set your goals.

Take a challenge.

Reward yourself.