Scoring The Life Change Index

The body is a finely timed instrument that does not like surprises. Any sudden change stimuli which affects the body, or the reordering of important routines that the body become used to, can cause needless stress, throwing your whole physical being into turmoil.

The following chart will give you some idea of how to informally score yourself on Social Readjustment Scale. Since being healthy is the optimum state you want to achieve, being sick is the state of being you most want to avoid.

The higher your life change score, the harder you have to work to get yourself back into a state of good health.

T.H.Holmes and T.H. Rahe. “The Social Readjustment Rating Scale,” Journal of Psychosomatic Research. 11:213, 1967.

How it works


If an event has occurred in the past year, or is expected in the near future, copy the number in the score column.


If the event has occurred or is expected to occur more than once, multiply this number by the frequency of the event.


Anastacia offers support around your Life Change Index Score should you wish to get back into a state of good health.

Check Your Life Change Index Score

Death of spouse
Marital Separation
Jail Term
Death of Close Family Member
Personal Injury or Illness
Fired at work
Marital reconciliation
Change in Health of Family Member
Sex difficulties
Gain of a new family member
Business readjustment
Change in financial state
Death of a close friend
Change to a different line of work
Change in number of arguments with spouse
Mortgage over $20,000
Foreclosure of mortgage or loan
Change in responsibilities at work
Son or daughter leaving home
Trouble with in laws
Outstanding personal achievement
Spouse begins or stop work
Begin or end school
Change in living conditions
Revisions of personal habits
Trouble with boss
Change in work hours or conditions
Change in residence
Change in schools
Change in recreations
Change in church activities
Change in social activities
Mortgage or loan less than $20,000
Change in sleeping habits
Change in number of family get-togethers
Change in eating habits
Christmas approaching
Minor violation of the law

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